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Friday, November 11, 2011

you and your opinion does not matter to me

So today is 11.11.11 and its a day where singles found their
love ones, love ones getting married, young ones having their
birthdays. One way or another, its a special day to everyone. 
So happy 11.11.11.
If you're thinking what wish i made. I didnt.
I'm already happy with everything i have. I'm blessed.

 So its been almost a month since i last updated eh.
Well, been a little busy with late night calls and drama before
calls. But however, my life is pretty great.

Although, a particular man whom i now call my ex tried to
threaten me over some issues which got me LOLOLOL
really really hard. Dude, a guy threatening a girl is not cool.
One moment i m like 'come at me bro' then the next moment
i'm like 'bro, y u no come at me'. Sighs, phailed to the max.
i feel for u bro :/

But even if anything were to happen, i'm not afraid.
Not because i'm strong, but because i'm protected by someone.
Someone who is always there for me like literally 24hrs.
Abel Lee ZhiZiang is now my everything.

I've never met anyone who cares for me as much as he does.
Even a lecturer called him a 'reliable boyfriend'.
He goes to college just to be with me even when he doesnt
have class, helps me with my assignment, 
spends every time he have with me, talk to me even
when he games, allows me to pinch him, hit him or anything and he
doesnt complains maybe because my hit doesnt hurt.
He still remembers every single details about me from day 1 till today.
He shares good music with me, he plays the guitar, he sings, he is musically talented.

He make promises and shows it instantly.
He don't mind my gayness. He shows me off to everyone.
He makes sure i fall asleep 1st before he sleep, giving me kisses
on my forehead and whispered to me 'i love you'.
He promised me he will not let me go no matter how numb his arms is
when we sleep, he really didnt.
He lifts me off my feet. He kissed me in the rain.
Best of all, we talk like best friends but love like lovers.
Its fucking one in a million to find a relationship like this.
BUT, i hate him for asking me to stop listening to dash berlin >:(
But then again, he lets me wear his dash berlin t-shirt.

In return, to show him i appreciate everything he does for me
i bake him,
MUFFINS! Its so easy to bake them that i keep
baking for him every week. 

I tried baking cookies and this is what happened.
 Burnt to the max. Burnt to the point it turned out harder than a stone.
I can just take it and throw at people i hate.
And trust me, i know who i'll throw at 1st.

 Meet my very first car SNOWY or you may also call her
SNOW BERLIN but no snowmau5.
*see baby i added the 5* >:(
yup yup, i now got a car to go look for my hubbyboy.
vroom vrrooomm everywhere together with him teehee.
I'll be driving back and fourth to college which means when i'm
stuck in jam, i'm really stuck in it.
Subang to ampang after 6pm is no fun.

 I noticed on my little chatty box, people try to mess my peaceful
blog again. Sighs. Do you people really think you can hurt me
with those words? Really? If you're a girl calling me those names
i dont mind but if you're a guy calling me those names seriously,
i feel for you :( its sad to have no life that you have to come to a girl's
blog and start calling her names.

Especially if you're Mr.Nixon Ng's friends or new girlfriend/boyfriend
or whatever seriously, back off.
I have nothing to do with you all at all.
Plus, ofcourse he is your 'friend' you'll listen to his side of the story and
pity him because again, he is ur friend.
And again, because you all dunno anything he can add oil, salt, pepper,
chili or any ingredient to the story.
And again again, i don't fucking care how you all wanna judge me because i
have nothing to do with you all at all.
And somemore hor, you all so free aaa?
I only remember hearing you all having problems with ur jobs so why not
you use the time u use to click on my blog to write shit to do something better?
Or do u just miss me that much?

But what i really wanna say is, you can talk all you want,
point ur fingers at me all you want, judge me all you want,
spoil my reputation all you want, fuck me however you want,
try to bring me down however you want, it wont stop me from
standing tall and walking in the streets with my head held high up and proud.
 you may kiss my awesome stache.

You know why why why why why?
Because you and your opinion does not matter to me :)

And nothing gonna spoil my mood you know why why why?
Because for the 1st time in 19 years, my boyf dedicated this
song to me that made me so close to tears.
This I Swear - Nick Lachey.
He is a true romantic. I love him.


  1. wow~charcoal cookies^v^..enen~support u!!btw..i read ur previous post..u r using too..add me if u read this^v^.. sennietee is my id

  2. Hello Mabel! I find your blog very interesting and you're so cute! :) sincerely, me :D



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