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Friday, November 11, 2011

you and your opinion does not matter to me

So today is 11.11.11 and its a day where singles found their
love ones, love ones getting married, young ones having their
birthdays. One way or another, its a special day to everyone. 
So happy 11.11.11.
If you're thinking what wish i made. I didnt.
I'm already happy with everything i have. I'm blessed.

 So its been almost a month since i last updated eh.
Well, been a little busy with late night calls and drama before
calls. But however, my life is pretty great.

Although, a particular man whom i now call my ex tried to
threaten me over some issues which got me LOLOLOL
really really hard. Dude, a guy threatening a girl is not cool.
One moment i m like 'come at me bro' then the next moment
i'm like 'bro, y u no come at me'. Sighs, phailed to the max.
i feel for u bro :/

But even if anything were to happen, i'm not afraid.
Not because i'm strong, but because i'm protected by someone.
Someone who is always there for me like literally 24hrs.
Abel Lee ZhiZiang is now my everything.

I've never met anyone who cares for me as much as he does.
Even a lecturer called him a 'reliable boyfriend'.
He goes to college just to be with me even when he doesnt
have class, helps me with my assignment, 
spends every time he have with me, talk to me even
when he games, allows me to pinch him, hit him or anything and he
doesnt complains maybe because my hit doesnt hurt.
He still remembers every single details about me from day 1 till today.
He shares good music with me, he plays the guitar, he sings, he is musically talented.

He make promises and shows it instantly.
He don't mind my gayness. He shows me off to everyone.
He makes sure i fall asleep 1st before he sleep, giving me kisses
on my forehead and whispered to me 'i love you'.
He promised me he will not let me go no matter how numb his arms is
when we sleep, he really didnt.
He lifts me off my feet. He kissed me in the rain.
Best of all, we talk like best friends but love like lovers.
Its fucking one in a million to find a relationship like this.
BUT, i hate him for asking me to stop listening to dash berlin >:(
But then again, he lets me wear his dash berlin t-shirt.

In return, to show him i appreciate everything he does for me
i bake him,
MUFFINS! Its so easy to bake them that i keep
baking for him every week. 

I tried baking cookies and this is what happened.
 Burnt to the max. Burnt to the point it turned out harder than a stone.
I can just take it and throw at people i hate.
And trust me, i know who i'll throw at 1st.

 Meet my very first car SNOWY or you may also call her
SNOW BERLIN but no snowmau5.
*see baby i added the 5* >:(
yup yup, i now got a car to go look for my hubbyboy.
vroom vrrooomm everywhere together with him teehee.
I'll be driving back and fourth to college which means when i'm
stuck in jam, i'm really stuck in it.
Subang to ampang after 6pm is no fun.

 I noticed on my little chatty box, people try to mess my peaceful
blog again. Sighs. Do you people really think you can hurt me
with those words? Really? If you're a girl calling me those names
i dont mind but if you're a guy calling me those names seriously,
i feel for you :( its sad to have no life that you have to come to a girl's
blog and start calling her names.

Especially if you're Mr.Nixon Ng's friends or new girlfriend/boyfriend
or whatever seriously, back off.
I have nothing to do with you all at all.
Plus, ofcourse he is your 'friend' you'll listen to his side of the story and
pity him because again, he is ur friend.
And again, because you all dunno anything he can add oil, salt, pepper,
chili or any ingredient to the story.
And again again, i don't fucking care how you all wanna judge me because i
have nothing to do with you all at all.
And somemore hor, you all so free aaa?
I only remember hearing you all having problems with ur jobs so why not
you use the time u use to click on my blog to write shit to do something better?
Or do u just miss me that much?

But what i really wanna say is, you can talk all you want,
point ur fingers at me all you want, judge me all you want,
spoil my reputation all you want, fuck me however you want,
try to bring me down however you want, it wont stop me from
standing tall and walking in the streets with my head held high up and proud.
 you may kiss my awesome stache.

You know why why why why why?
Because you and your opinion does not matter to me :)

And nothing gonna spoil my mood you know why why why?
Because for the 1st time in 19 years, my boyf dedicated this
song to me that made me so close to tears.
This I Swear - Nick Lachey.
He is a true romantic. I love him.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Beginning of October wasn't really great for me.
It was one hell of a nightmare.
Yea, sure i was psyche that i got a part time job
but you know what? i quit before i even started on that
very day. It was literally omgseriouslywtfbbq thing.
Too lazy to explain but yea, not making things clear to people
then blame it on that person is seriously woah,
no responsibility in your job.

Then i had probs with my mum as usual, but i guess we're
cool now. Oh and also i'm no longer moving out but i'm getting
a car so i guess it should be good news right ?
Well, it is a good news providing mum don't start using me to run her
errands afterall she's the one who said
'i'll get you a car and you can go anywhere you want.'
I don't know why, but she is just so against me moving out.
Well everyone is. Just cause i'm a girl. Really ?
I sometimes wish i have a penis instead. But it would mean
i would be bro with the one person i love instead of calling him mine.

Hmm let's see what else, well i may or may not have put on
a few pounds but holidays :( can't blame me.
i may or may not want a mermaid tattoo. they are gorgeous when
drawn right k. Especially those long hair and tail.
But then again i have to get mum's approval before i can start thinking
of getting my 3rd tattoo. sighs.

Well on the bright side, classes are starting soon !
No more wasting time either staying at home or following mum
out just to do her stuffs. And i can be with friends and this new
semester will be very different. Not telling why yet ;)
But then again waiting for my result is nerve wreaking because i
didnt do well last sem. sick on an exam day and having marketing is so not fun.
I think i'm getting C for marketing :(
But whatever it is, just dont fail me and i'm happy.

On the BRIGHTER side, my little baby hammy jr leg is recovering alot !
Well yea, for those who don't know, my poor little baby was running in
his hamster ball and he dropped downstairs when i wasnt looking.
The ball cracked open and it cut him, and his leg was badly injured to the
point he have to drag his feet and he squeals when he tried to walk.
I swear i fucking panic and cried because i felt its my fault because i was
too busy cleaning his cage to keep an eye on him.

I called my big hammy abel lee zhiziang on the spot.
Thank god he was there telling me what to do and calming me down
if not i would have gone mad.

For couple of days and week he was just inside his little box and
not coming out and not moving alot.
So can you imagine how fat he have grown?
Pictures says it all.

BUT today when i went to clean his cage, i looked at the top house it
was dirty. i found it weird why its dirty when he is not able to climb and
i also took away the tube that he use to climb up to the top house.
So nvm, i just went on with cleaning his cage until that little fella,
CLIMBED to the top house by climbing the CAGE BARS !
I was like 'omgomg hammy hammy no no no no no!'
I freaked out! But he was using his injured leg so well on the bars.
When he dropped himself into the house he turned around and looked at me
with that proud hamster face.

Wrong hamster i chose, seriously.
Resembles exactly the same as the big hammy.

The most amazing thing is, usually it takes hamsters 2-4weeks to recover
from a injured leg but he is recovering fast. I'm just so glad he did
not bite his leg off.

 i'm really happy inside although he freaked me out that i just
feel like smacking his head. I carried him up and gave him a little kiss.
He better know how much i love him.

Today i just found out about this application called Line.
It is something like whatsapp but except it have cuter emoticons.

See see. DAMN CUTE !

 Alot more cuter ones! I only use this when i want to spam
cute emoticons :p
And there is this scan thingy for it. It's like if you wanna add someone
you have to take ur phone and scan the code.

I'm a t-shirt girl. Teehee.
Countdown 4 days to go till classes resumes.
Argh hurry the eff up already, i'm that bored. nah.
Actually i'm gonna do something on the 1st day of class to a particular someone.
Who is that someone ? What am i gonna do ?
Just wait lah, teeheeeeeeeee.

PS : i'm now a fan of DASH BERLIN. teehee.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

its the end.

11th September 2009, we started.
We always wondered will we last till we grow old,
or will we give up halfway and let it die.
I guess, fate chose the latter for us.
We ended.
Its been 2 years. And i thought we would only last 2months.
Although we fought hard to come this far, i guess we didn't fight enough.

We ended because i'm moving out to a place behind
college for my convenience, i'm getting a job to cover my
own expenses which means i will not have time for anything.
But then again i thought in a relationship, its not about how many
days we see each but how many times we look for each other everyday.

You kept pressuring me to move in with you, but i cant because
i have my own reasons and i wont lie to anyone.
To keep up with a lie, is the hardest thing to do.
But you wouldn't take time to sit and understand it, you don't
want to understand everything i'm going thru.
And your reason was because 'you worry too much about me'.

I thought in a relationship, when your other half is growing and learning
to be a better and independent person we should support them,
let them fall and be there to bring them up when needed.
I thought in a relationship its all about TRUST instead of saying things
and made it sound like your other half will fall in love with any opposite
sex friends they meet.
I thought in a relationship distances doesnt matter, its all about communication.

It was hard for me, to change the fb relationship status. why?
because it have been there for 2years.
2 effing year, but you changed it.

11th September 2009 huh ? =)

And there you have it. Single but unavailable.

People may think 'damn mab, you wasted two years of ur life with him'.
I didnt. Infact i'm lucky to have met you.
You taught me how to change myself, that made me who i am today.
You taught me relationships isnt just about going out and
have fun then going home to sleep, i learnt how to plan for future.
It was you who said to go college together, sure plan have failed.
But just because we ended doesnt mean i'm ending college.
I found what i want to do, and you said no because i'll be travelling
everywhere without you, but i'm sorry i guess i love my dreams more than
anything else and i'm going to achieve it.

Everyone may say 'its alright mabs, he doesnt give you anything at all, look at
all the other girl's bf giving them diamonds and endless stuffs.'
I rather a guy give me diamonds because he means it and not just
because he wants me to be in bed with him.
I rather a guy give me stuffs when they feel like that want to not because
i ask for it. But you did give me few things that i asked for and it not cheap
at all but you saved up just to get it for me. Thank you, i mean it.

Maybe sometimes going out with you is frustrating, the only thing you do
is take my phone and play with it then leave me all alone.
When i talk to you, its either you dont hear me because your too busy
looking elsewhere or you wont answer me.
You are afraid to be crazy with me, because you are afraid of how
people view you. does it matter so much to you on how people look at you?

Sure we talked about our future wedding, future home, kids, lifestyle, etc.
But i guess it just fades when you least expects it. 
Do you even still remember everything we've planned?
Eventually things changed, conversations got shorter, you got busier,
i waited, then i got busier and love died because of no trust.

When two person thinks they are right, there is no more working out to it.

Thank you for once having loved me.
Thank you for your care.
Thank you for teaching me new things.
& thank you for everything you've done.

I'm not one of those immature girls that says
'hey you know what? he suck balls'
I hate ugly break ups and i hate how break ups turns two
closest people into two biggest strangers.
I guess we are just gonna be one of them.

But seems like you're doing well, you are already meeting girls
like nobody business. I'm relieved.
I do hope you'll find someone better than me.
And girls if you are together with him, please love him right.
He'll show you what a real boyf is, mark my words.
Just try to keep up with his stubbornness, selfish when it comes to male friends,
no freedom to do what you want and you'll do just fine with him.
Oh and also his lack of communication because he'll always be too busy in
cc with his friends and wont even tell you and leave you worrying if he is alright.

Nixon Ng, take care of yourself and watch me grow from afar.
You always doubt i can be strong and independent.
All you wanna do is just give me money and make me stay home.
Sorry, i'm not a woman who can be bought, i've seen how women
fell because they counted everything on their men.
Sorry, the only thing i'll count on is myself.
I'll show you i'm not as weak as you think and when you see me on TV,
please be proud of me =)

My tears have dried up, i still did not regret loving you with everything
i've got because you were exactly what i wanted and needed.

I know i'll find someone who truly appreciates and support what
i want to do instead of telling me 'you cant do it cause your weak.'

Sure my blog may be all about you, but this will be the last.
Lets not look back and cry, look forward and hope for the better.
Do well bii, when we do bump into each other somewhere down the road,
lets be those that can have a normal conversation to keep up with how
we are doing instead of making a u-turn and avoiding what made us happy
back in those days.

Take care.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i'm still flying sky high ❤

I dont know how many people know this but i'm
sure alot already know due to my non stop bragging
about it, it may not be a big deal to you guys but it is for me.

Yes ! after months of searching i got it !
Although it means no time for anything because my classes
are mon-thurs and workdays is fri-sun. But still
the pay is worth it. I'm not gonna tell where because i dont want
people stalking me when i work :p

When i received the call from the agent i freaking jumped
in joy after she hung up. I called vinod and said
'i am so happy to the point that nothing can spoil my mood, and
i dont mind running naked in the streets now' yea that's how
mad happy i was. Then i just had to whatsapps my forever baby
Jia lin ❤

 Yup she was excited for me too.
Even on twitter alot of friends congratulated me.

Why am i so mad happy over a job ?
Because i can be financially independent :D
I can move out, pay for my rent, no more bothering mum and
things will be less hectic although more tiring.
But its my 1st step through independent. I hate counting on people.

I'm well known for being tough, so i'm not gonna let that down.
i WILL be tough although i might be in bitch mood once
in awhile but still.. TOUGH !
I'm not the kinda girl who needs a man for financial purpose, i
believe in fully supporting myself. Why count on a man and when
he leave you got nothing left.

 Fatt hao mode, i wore a skirt after 29374563millions years.
I feel more comfy with shorts because i can sit in any position
without flashing my underwear and its comfy/
And heels because it made my legs look longggg and slim ❤
But fake 1 k, dont go believing i'm that thin.
Was suppose to go out with my chocolate manwhore but
he cancelled out on me last min due to unforeseen circumstances.
But i'll be seeing him tmr.

Sooooo i stayed home thinking i can get some gooood nappy time
but noooooo, phone never stops ding ding. 
And tmr i have to follow my mum out early in the morning
to do crappy things that i dont want to.

 And and this is hammy jr's blur face !! SO CUTE ❤❤
When i called him he turned to me with his eyes half opened
and this is his blur face xD
I can never go a day without seeing him ❤

Short post for today, have to sleep early damn.
And whee hair is growing longer~
And and and, from being called taiwanese, japanese, american-born-chinese,
i am now asked if i am KOREAN.
OMG are you serious ? korean xD
& someone said i look like i have plastic surgery although i don't.
you know to be said 'you look like u have plastic surgery but u didnt'
is actually something to be proud of.
looking like a korean with plastic surgery is seriously im out of word to
describe, because i'm flying sky high with that praise.
Have you seen korean celebs ? :O pretttty righhhhhhht?
Okay i better come back down. Before someone calls me PROUD.

I know i've said it 92873432th times but

Thursday, September 22, 2011

freelancing job aaa!

I know i said it before either on twitter or wherever but i'm gonna
My gosh, yes i am that bored.
Everyone is dying to have my 1 month holiday well,
& no, freelance job hunting isnt going so well. All i got is
dinner/bar ambassador job which i cant do. Anyone need flyer girl/
promoter/show girl for events pls pls pls pls pls do contact me at
email : or
Oh and it is alot better if job location is at bukit bintang cause its near
my house :)

I've failed to blog about the return of my chocolate tangachi.
cause i was that lazy when i met him.
Still, yes my 15yrs tangachi is back and i ofcourse missed him
to bits and bits of tiny little pieces until he started
annoying me i hate him all over again.
But my chocolate manwhore is leaving soon so i have to get as
much time possible as i can with him.

Anyways, today i woke up pretty early just to inform mum my
phone is barred. so she said to go out with her and get it paid
then spend the day together. i was like yayyy a day out but kena tipu.

Turns out i was dragged out to learn about wine now.
I remembered back then it was learning about properties, investments,etc
when mum started her field in property. now she's planning on wine.
And yup, she wants me to learn so i can help.
1st, i can't drink
2nd, i don't even think i can remember wine names cause its
either too long or complicated
3rd i still can't drink.
The person my mum and i met up with said we should go over to her
company for wine tasting and i should follow.
1 sip and you'll see tomato face.
But then again its not bad to learn more stuffs right even if you're
not a weeeeee bit interested. When i heard the word 'proposal, sponsorship,
marketing terms, etc' i had a flash back of college. 
the nightmare of PR and marketing!

But nvm mummy, i forgive u for dragging me out because
i has korean food for brunch. teehee.

&& the awesome moment when mum bumps into a friend and her
friend said 'your daughter lost weight'.

Have you guys seen the all new KLCC supermarket ? :D :D
I felt like i was in taiwan/hong kong/singapore supermarket!
omg i miss taiwan now, DAMN.

 Here is a little sneak peek.
Yup there's few mini food stalls there. Japanese snacks.
Something like Singapore Takashinmaya supermarket if you have been there.

 More mini sneek peek ;D
Its a must must go go visit !
And i wanna try that starbucks ice cream one day!
I want a i ❤ food t-shirt . I shall find it one day.

3pm met up with another person to discuss about wine 
retailing. my head could burst.
I'm still amazed how they remember the names,prices and
where it is from. mummy please don't tell me i has to do the same too.

I found a perfect excuse to escape and took a break.
'mummy i go photostat my IC as u requested for it'.
i really did go and look for photostat place but ofcourse i did
made one stop :p
*passed by uniqlo and spotted minnie t-shirts*
those who followed my blog all along will know im a big
mickey/minnie t-shirts lover.
*walked in*

 Teehee :p ❤
But i didnt get this t-shirt. i found this collection a little
too plain sooooo i bought another one.
'porky pig' i think.

Surprising mummy didnt ask what took me so long.
she probably knew what i was up to.
From KLCC went to bangsar BSC. mum went to meet a
friend and i requested for alone time.

Bought magazines and a new notebook!
Sat in a cafe inside Times bookstore.
So peaceful and quiet! gosh i love it there.
Window seat window seat ! teeehee ❤.

 Tired face of the day. panda eyes is forever so sexy.

People always ask what apps i used to edit pics on iphone.
I usually use instagram so i can share it to twitter/fb the moment
i upload on instagram. but also used other apps for diff effects
instagram doesnt offer.

Edited of the above pic with 'mei tu xiu xiu' app.
It is widely loved by girls because of this colour effect.

 My 4th cup of drink in a row.
Iced chocolate. wrong choice, i was freezing.

So people may think it is anti social/sad to be alone but
i appreciate alone time. Gives me time to think
and sort my own stuffs straight.
But i went daydreaming so i pretty much did not sort anything.

Went home around 7pm+.
The feeling of being home after a long day out, with
baby hammy jr waiting in his cage ❤
Mummy bought a new wheel for you baby ❤

 He freaking loves it, he never stop running on the wheel after
i put it in. He outgrew his wheel thats why i have to get a
new wheel, i should make him go on a diet.

Then the moment when i enter my room i have 2 dogs waiting
by the door for me. When i enter they jump on my bed so they
can stand on two legs and put the other two on me so i can hug them
and they can lick my face. Yup its pretty sweet but annoying
when your 90% tired, they are lucky i'm only on 89%.

 My babygirl Lui Lui giving me a little kiss ❤

 Btw, i used 'Picframe' to combine pictures :)
The colour effect is from instagram 'brannan' effect.

 you know i'm fucking tired when my hair is in a mess
flying everywhere and i dont give a damn.
And the thing i'll 100% do when i'm frustrated, tired, or whatever
negative thing u can think of is, 5 fingers brushing my hair up and just letting
it fall without caring how i look like.
When i do that move then you'll know i is not in a mood to play unless
i tell u i is tired. But 90% of the time is tired so chill lah :p

Gosh! you are going on diet babyboy!
Mummy dont wan you to reach obesity.
Yes you'll look damn cute but still no.

Okay damn tired now.
Goodnights bye ❤
Will update when i feel like updating ❤

Oh wait, last thing to share.
One of the most memorable picture of my brother.
Kor, grow ur hair out please, you look marvelous darling. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

its a blessing to have u guys ❤

I have to say i was very very very very super duper
touched that when i was sick on tuesday i received
alot of get well soon messages thru fb, twitter and whatsapps!
Although it was just a bad cold but i swear i had one of my
worst experience ever. It all started..

when i have my first exam, Public Relations on Tuesday so i
decided to sleep at 2.30am and woke up at 4.30am to do
last min study. Thank you to my alarm for waking me up.
The moment i woke up at 4.30, i didnt feel so bad but i was
freezing in my room but i thought its normal since its
morning and mornings are usually cold.

So i thought i might as well get a cup of coffee to wake myself up and
feel warm at the same time but noooooooo, slowly
the flu start coming. boxes of tissues next to me as i study.
8am took a damn hot shower thinking the cold will go away but
noooooo, got worst. Thank god i have my brother's jacket to accompany
me throughout the day. i looked like a boss/polar bear.

Threw in packets and packets of tissues in my bag just for the flu.
My nose was red and it started hurting with me wiping
it over n over again with tissue. oh annoying part, sneezing
10 times in a row till i accidentally pulled my stomach muscles.

10am time for exam, whole body feeling extremely weak.
i used 1 packet of tissue inside the hall and trying sooooo
hard not to sneeze. halfway writing the answers i started
feeling damn drowsy and my eyes was closing and ofcouse flu
running down my nose, i had to rush to finish it and thats how
i screwed my 1st paper. couldnt even remember anything ugh.

Empty stomach whole day, went home straight away took medicine.
Friends was like ohhhhh noooo but i didnt know why i just
went to bed. The moment i woke up, i felt a stingy feeling in my gastric
i was like no wonder the 'oh no' started.
Friends who knows about my gastric being very acidic always forces me
to eat before taking pills, but unfortunately i was too sleepy to tell
anyone i'm gonna take pills 1st before going to bed. Then i had
dinner which then caused my gastric to hurt more, ate halfway i went
back to bed and roll around till i fall asleep.

Thank god i recovered soon enough for second exam. Being sick and sitting
for a paper is seriously fml. Please be healthy
everyday especially when exams are near and dont study
last min like me having to wake up in the mornings.

So big big big THANKIUU for ur love and care when
i was sick. hell became heaven with ur wishes.
Although whatsapp and fb notification kept ding ding on my phone
when i was sleeping and it kept waking me up, it was worth
it because its a blessing from u guys :) ❤ 

Today i had my last exam for this semester. I dont wanna talk about it.
Goddamit marketing. Stressed like fuck.
*drum rolls*
I'm a free woman for one month and i'm not happy.
Because i have nothing to do in 1 month AND i want
to find freelancing jobs.

Oh I havent properly introduced my new baby munchkin to you
guys yet :D my little adorable babyboy.
Meet HAMMY.JR the HAMSTER! teehee.

 My very first picture of him, i seriously thought he is one
of those split personality hamster at 1st because 1min
he is running on wheel the next min he emo like the pic above.
When i chose him he was sleeping in the wheel just like the pic, and
i found him cute.

So ofcourse since he is my new babyboy i spoil him to the max,
even bought a hamster ball so he can run around my house
without getting hurt and lost.

 Look at him, gosh i can just sit and watch him sleep ❤ 

Yes epic hamster i know. Lazy to the max.

Hi sleepy head :) stop being so adorable cannnn ?

I know he looks damn cute and friendly.
But the fact is he is dangerous. He prefers my fingers over
anything. oh yes he bites. if he is happy he just nibbles, if
he just need to chew, skins comes off my fingers. yup
that deadly.

So after 2 weeks, he is this chubby now. like i said i spoil
him too much. hamster until like a boss.

I remembered there was a night when i reached home, i
went to the cage and called out 'hammy hammmmmy' there
was no response, usually he would put his head out of the house.
Then i noticed the cage top door was opened.
Thank god he dropped into a vase and cant run anywhere.
Gosh i wanted to cry if i couldnt find him in the next 5mins.

Hope you know how much i love you now little munchkin.

I now present to you my ...
*drum rolls*
Why i call it mini chinchilla ? look at the pic below,
there is a resemblance there.

This is a REAL chinchilla, the one above is a fake one xD
I know chinchillas are damn cute compare to my hamster.

you know you want a chinchilla now after seeing the picture.
nights ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

food is my future.

Hiiiiiiiii ! So i was asked if my blog is dead. Well
the answer is yes NO. It wont die
*for now* but sometimes i'm either too lazy,
too busy or too empty with my life to blog.
Or some stuffs are personal so i have to keep it
to myself :)

Plus finals are coming and i swear i am gonna study
but why am i procrastinating again ?! WHY !
Oh wait, because i got 'How i met your mother' to
watch D: I blame my fat hammy brother for giving me
the series. I'm on season 4 now. HD SOMEMORE !

Hiiiiii :D I look different rigggggght?
Looks more innocent right ? :p
Wanna know how ? Damn simple.
I can swear on my life to u girls, i DID NOT make up
here. All i used was, black contact lens and eyelashes.
no eyeshadow, no eyeliner. just mascara.
Oh yes dont forget, eyebrows.

Closer look :)
People always say 'less is more', yea i think
i know what they mean now :)
you dont need thick make up to make urself
look beautiful, infact sometimes too much make up
make u look scarier instead of prettier.

Sure you may look all dolled up but leave that
for special dinner occasions :)
your skin needs air to breathe, how can it breathe
if you cover it with layers of foundations,
eye shadows, etc. I dont use foundation at all.
I find it very uncomfortable. And i only use
lip gloss when my lip is dry.

Plus the 'nude' make up only takes 3-5
Just put on ur lens and mascara and you are done ! :D
save alot $$ on cosmetics as well :p teehee.

Oh and i've learnt something new.
Angry bird = Dulan jiao.
HAHA! sound so rude i knowwww.

Anyways, yesterday my brother took me out
for brunch at 4pm. yup 4pm, we both woke up in
the afternoon. teehee.
I didnt know there is Brussels near my house.
Seriously near, 5mins away only.
I can has decent western food near my house

now teehee!
And the price is reasonable.
We ordered 2 main course, 1 salad, 2 desserts, and drinks,
not even over RM100.
Its indeed delicious too.

Starting off with my FAVE !
Caesar salad ! Brother damn sayang me, i didnt
order it at 1st and he asked if i wanted cause he knew
i LOVE it. Kor kor dai sek~ mwax mwax

Another all time fave, Spaghetti Carbonara.
Very creamy mmmmmm.

Brother's porky burger.
from this view it looks small but its hugeee.

Chitty chatty with our stupid conversations .
Its been so damn long since i last have a brother sister
time with him :( We used to have it every weekend
until he have to work on alternate weekends now.
I feel its important to spend time together k :(

After our main course, i was craving for sweet endings.
Desserts :p

Creme Brulee, this was just soso.
I think the best creme brulee i've ate is at Zen.
Someone teach me how to make creme brulee please!
I crave for it every now and then :(

Waffles with one scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Aiyo i'm craving for that ice cream now :(

Strawberries ~ It was soo sweet and my brother's waffle
came with chocolate dipping so you know the obvious ;)
Strawberry dip into chocolate = maximum love.

I've been thinking alot lately.
Future, what careerrrr.
At 1st i said journalism, then i said fashion magazine writer.
Wait, wayyy back mum said air stewardess.
Then modelling. but i chose college.
Then i said i wanted to go New York after i'm done
with college to future my knowledge in writing.

But you know what i want now ?

Dont laugh please :(
I mean i like LOVE food and i love
travelling alot. Right now i'm thinking why didnt i take
culinary since i love food so much?
But i know my future will definitely have something
to do with entertainment or food.

But i have one very weak spot when it comes to food.
I'll tell you, when a food is too cute to me, i will not eat it
unless FORCED.

Yes see this haagen dazs mooncake ice cream?
Its so simple, so round and its looks cute to me.
Its still in the freezer. I wanted to eat it but when i looked
at it i felt its too pretty to be eaten.
But i know i'll have to eat it soon before someone else eats it.

And ofcourse, when food is to be shown on TV
they make it damn nice and presentable.
I'll wanna camwhore the food more than eating it.
I need to get over this weakness.
My heart just turns soft when i see cute stuffs :(
Throw a rilakkuma or hello kitty in my face and i'll go
AWWWW. dont believe u can try.


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